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×   Please do NOT publish the dummy tutorial package on npm. Have a look at this guide once you made a great package.

1) Upload it on npm

Make sure that in package.json

  • the main attribute is set to the path of your main file (Normally index.js.)
  • you have the biojs keyword
  • you have added other descriptive keywords
  • author information is correct (will be publicly visible)
  • repo url is correct
  • package name is correct
  • your npm test executes the correct command and is passing

Now type into the console:

npm adduser  # First login or create a new account with following command (only run this once).
npm publish  # Now it is time to publish!

Errare human est

If you have fixed them and want to deploy a new version of your component, run npm publish again. (you need to change package version for a new deployment)

×   You made it. Get your coffee and celebrate. However the rest of this tutorial stays interesting. So just enjoy the rest.